Bitumen Drum Filling Line

Features of this machine: The filling quantity adjusting system is controlled by frequency conversion motor, industrial computer PLC color touch screen. The automatic adjustment of filling quantity is realized by using liquid flow rate, which greatly improves the convenience, quickness and accuracy of operation. At the same time, each filling cylinder block is equipped with metering and fine-tuning device to ensure the accuracy of each bottle. Container positioning system using cylinders to complete, customers can adjust according to different specifications and shapes of containers, accurate positioning, to ensure the correct filling. The anti-droplet system is controlled by cylinder to prevent the leakage.

Working principle: this machine adopts electronic control cylinder as filling power. After filling container to the left end of conveying line is transported to the designated position under the action force of conveying chain plate, the positioning cylinder is positioned, the lifting cylinder is down, the filling nozzle is infiltrated and filled.

Technical parameters: suitable for a variety of viscosity of the integrated medium and various shapes, different specifications of container filling, no need to add spare parts, just do simple input instructions adjustment can be completed. Convenient maintenance, greatly reduce the cost of equipment and maintenance, shorten maintenance time. The metering of each filling head can be adjusted separately to achieve consistency of filling metering. Different specifications, shape of the container easy to adjust ,10 minutes to complete the replacement of different specifications of filling. The device has “fault stop automatic alarm, prompt system, bottle mouth position automatic control system, no bottle and no bottle filling automatic photoelectric tracking control system” greatly improve the safe operation of the equipment. The system circuit is controlled, the interior is DC24V low piezoelectric, the wiring is in accordance with the national SDS/D000093-2000 standard, each wire head is labeled tube, easy to maintain the equipment. The electric and gas lines are separated and arranged to prevent the influence of oil and water in compressed air on the life of electrical appliances. The trachea adopts unified layout and numbering.