About us

Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of steel drum,bitumen drum, open drum manufacturing machine with more than 30 years of history.

We are leading supplier of complete turkney solution for 55 gallon (US) & 44 gallon (UK) steel drum production line manufacturing equipments. We are improving technologies all the time and developing drum machinery market. We provide customers with valued solutions including automatic pre-curling &gluing machine,automatic hole punching &locking machine, flangers & curlers machine,W-Beader& corrugator machine, automatic sheet rolling, resistance longitudinal seam welding,assembly &seaming machine,drum spray painting booth,drying oven,silk printing machine etc..

Due to professional engineer team, highly automatic, simple operation and reliable quality equipment, Our machineries have been exported to many countries, such as Qatar, Australia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Ukraine, Mexico, etc..

We are longterm company, and we will provide Longterm Quality Machinery and Longterm cooperation for the customers from all over the world.

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Drum Machine Advantange 


  • Flangers & Curlers is designed to form the flange (lip) and/or curl on the end of a drum used to produce open head and tight head drums.


  • Drum spray painting machine is with 4 sets pray pump, 13 sets pray nozzle,Stainless steel sink and paint pipe line, Edge curl and paint repair device,Three-jaw painting rotation clamping device.


  • Assembly&sealing machine adopts double motors, separate driving, double main spindles. The carriage plate adopts imported linear guided with high accuracy and small friction.


Our Team 

Our Company Advantage 

Steel drum engineer

Professional Senior Engineer- Mr.Wang


  • Chief Engineer of China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO )
  • General of Technical Innovation Group of Barrel Making Equipment Barrel
  • Industry Association Expert

Certificate and Patents

                    Certificate of Utility Model Patent

 China Packaging Federation Steel Barrel Expert Committee
               Patent from China Packaging Federation

                                                           Machine Detail