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HLT resistance welding machine

Newly Made Resistance Seam Welding Machine for Bangladeshi Customers

Here is the resistance seam welding machine for steel drum body that we made for our Bangladeshi customer. Our engineers are debugging the machine. This equipment shall ensure continuouswelding
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HLT filling machine

Filling Machine Sent to Bangladesh

Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co., Ltd is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and the best service. In December 2021, we will ship an asphalt barrel filling line
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Steel Barrel Welds leakage testing machine

Steel Barrel Welds leakage testing machine Horizontal type, leakage testing air pressure: 0.03Mpa. There a rotation device to make sure the welding line is upwards. Manually purling the soap
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Steel Drum Expanding and Flanging Machine

Steel Drum Expanding and Flanging Machine Enter the left and right spindle boxes, insert the bulging head into the barrel, the piston rod of the bulging cylinder advances, and
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Hole punching and locking

Hole punching and locking machine for steel barrels

Steel Drum hole punching and locking platform  Speed:10-12 pcs/per minute Flanging vibrating disk – shake the flanges to ensure them in order beside the mould. Then ready for locking.
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Steel Drum Resistance Spot Welding Machine

We are engaged in exporting and supplying an excellent quality 3 Phase Resistance Spot Welding Machine for Steel Oil Drum Making. Application: Used for spot welding of steel workpiece
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steel barrel workshop

Steel Barrel Making Machine Workshop

Since 1990, Our Company has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing numerous barrel making machines and equipments, either isolated or part of complete lines. Turnkey projects have become a
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Steel Drum Painting Booth Machine, Spraying System

During the spraying process, when the paint mist mixed in the air hits the water curtain, the paint mist is washed, and the water curtain on the water curtain
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arrel auto body welding machine

Customer Visiting for Checking Automatic Steel Drum Production Line

  We are leading supplier of complete turkney solution for 55 gallon (US) & 44 gallon (UK) steel drum production line manufacturing equipments. We are improving technologies all the
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drum welding

Inverter Automatic Steel Drum Seam Welder

Automatic Steel Drum Seam Welding Machine is an important device for producing metal drums. Its working principle belongs to the scope of resistance welding: that is, after the work
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