longterm-steel drum

Vertical Type Steel Drum Making Machine

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longterm-filling line

Bitumen Drum Filling Line

Features of this machine: The filling quantity adjusting system is controlled by frequency conversion motor, industrial computer PLC color touch screen. The automatic adjustment of filling quantity is realized
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W-beader&Corrugator Machine

  Capacity: 6pcs/min, Power: 15KW The conveyor will automatically load in the drum body, the machine will automatically check the drum body and lift it to a suitable places,
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Flangers & Curlers

    Capacity: 6 pcs/min Power: 18KW The drum will be loaded to the machine automatically through conveyor, the machine will automatically check the drum body and lift it
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Assembly &Seaming Machine

  The conveyor will load on the cover and drum body into the machine and assembly together. The assembly machine adopts double motors, separate driving, double main spindles. The
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Fully Automatic Drum Body Welding Machine

  Working efficiency: 360-420pcs per hour(6-7 pcs per minute) Diameter range: 560/571mm, customized accept, Length range: 900-1025mm Material thickness range: 0.7-1.2mm, Digital panel control, easy for operation. Automatic electrode
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