Vertical Steel Drum Forming Automatic Making Machine



I. We have ready-made customers to run vertical steel drum production line stably, modular installation, within 2 weeks to absolutely guarantee the stable operation of the production line.

II. Vertical plate edge machine adopts energy storage hydraulic system, with smooth and high efficiency operation, low failure rate and long service life.
With fast automatic mold change function; barrel hand movement adjustment range: 850mm -1000mm; concentricity error of flanging machine within 0.2mm; the equipment comes with 208L two sets of closed molds and one set of open molds (mold life: 3 years or 2 million barrels)

III. Vertical corrugation machine can produce a variety of specifications steel barrel corrugation.

IV. The distance of the big tendon of the rising machine can be adjusted at will.

V. Vertical barrel cap sealing machine has precise positioning of welding seam, comes with 4 sets of sealing wheels, freely switch various specifications and improve production efficiency.

VI. Vertical barrel turning machine occupies little space, simple and light structure, easy maintenance and energy saving.

VII. All machine base box is annealed after welding.

VIII.The control system adopts the latest SIEMENS.

 Efficiency12 pcs/min
Workpiece barrel diameteΦ571.5mm, Φ560mm.
Steel plate thickness0.8-1.2mm
Steel plate length850-1000mm
Steel plate material:SPCC, Q195-215A
Conveying methodVertical conveying, depending on the form of the host
EnergyMeet TN-S system.
Conveying elevation1050mm


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