High Speed Steel Barrel Seam Welding Machine


Manually place the cut plate on the rolling conveyor (it can also be connected with the uncoiling leveling machine), and automatically transport it to the automatic slitting machine. After the plate is trimmed, it enters the automatic coiling without spot welding , That is, seam welding of the weld seam, while the steel plate is in the red melting state, automatically rolls the weld seam, automatically cuts the tongue, and automatically discharges the material.

Automatic feeding, automatic rolling, waiting station, seam welding, rolling weld, cutting tongue, automatic unloading.

Production efficiency: 10 pcs/min. Suitable for steel drum diameter specifications: 516, 560, 571.5.

Steel plate automatic feeding mechanism
After being uncoiled and leveled, it is cut into standard barrel body plates, stacked neatly on the loading rack (the lifting height of the loading rack can be set according to the number of steel plates), and then the plates are transported to the slitting machine one by one by vacuum suction cups. Trimming and rolling mechanism. The conveying line is equipped with a steel plate splitter to ensure that the front end of the plate is separated, and it is also equipped with an ultrasonic sheet detection device. If more than two steel plates appear, it will automatically alarm and stop.

Slitting and Trimming
The slitting machine adopts a circular knife shearing mechanism, online trimming and shearing, and is carried out synchronously with the conveyor line. The trimming accuracy can reach 0.02mm, the shearing speed is 32mm/min, and the width is generally 1.0m, which can be customized. Cut the thickness of the plate below 1.5mm.

Roll diameter automatic adjustment
The rolling part is composed of three pressure rollers, a guide roller fixing device and an adjustment mechanism. The sheet material is fed through three rollers to form a circular barrel shape, and the guide rollers can reduce the front-end straight edge, making the barrel body more round and more beautiful.

Clipping and unloading
The barrel body workpiece completed by seam welding enters the automatic tongue cutting station through the V-shaped conveying track, and the scissors on both sides are automatically cut. adjustable). The tongue-cut barrel body is automatically withdrawn by the unloading cylinder (or continues to go straight, determined by the customer), and the barrel body rolls or slides to the middle process through the conveying line.

longterm-High speed steel barrel seam welding machine

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