Russia client Visiting


Our client Steel Drum maunufacture –Stalta in Russia, they mianly making for 200L steel drums with 2 workshop their capacity is more 1.3 million/ year. 

They purchased from heat transfer machines and also the toolings and other middle parts machines. from our company in 2024 Jan, with their booming business , they plan to expanding their capcity and start the 30-60L small steel drums and also the flanges line by themselves.

For this time visiting, their boss and chief engineer come mainly to talk the 2” and 3/4”  Flange/plug making line, we take them to see our flange workshop to fully understanding the making progress and take the each steps sample for them to take back for study. And They will keep buying the different types and bule color flanges from us before the flange machine start running.

Different Types of Flange


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