Seaming wheel feed system innovation for steel drum seamer



One of the most important production machine for barrel production line is the assembly&seaming machine, and the feeding system of the seaming wheel is the core part of drum seamer. Feeding time curve and speed directly affect the quality and speed of the seaming of steel drums.




After years of study and research for barrel seaming machine, our company has successfully developed the PLC program control and feed parameter man-machine dialogue touch screen control of the seaming wheel feed mechanism. The operator can effectively control the seaming process according to the actual running state, which can make the curler structure more reasonable. At the same time, when the product is switched, it is more efficient to adjust seaming wheel position, and the equipment efficiency is greatly improved. Solving several main problems of original cam mechanical structure feed time curve can not be adjusted, the seaming wheel position adjustment, workers climbed up and down time-consuming and unsafe and so on. It is great and most important innovation in barrel making equipment.

drum seaming machine


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Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of steel drum making machine with more than 30 years of history. We are improving technologies all the time and developing drum machinery market. We provide customers with valued solutions including automatic flangers & curlers machine,W-Beader& corrugator machine, auto sheet rolling, resistance longitudinal seam welding,drum assembly &seaming machine,drum spray painting booth etc..

Due to professional engineer team, highly automatic, simple operation and reliable quality equipment, Our machineries have been exported to many countries, such as Qatar, Australia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Ukraine, Mexico, etc..

Drum assembly machine

Manually put the cover on the assembly equipment, the conveyor will load on the cover and drum body into the machine and assembly together. The assembly machine adopts double motors, separate driving,double main spindles. The carriage plate adopts imported linear guided with high accuracy and small friction.
Power: 55KW
Capacity: 6pcs/min


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