Successful Installation and Commissioning of Welding Machine in Indonesia

We are delighted to inform you about the successful installation and commissioning of the Welding Machine at our customer’s manufacturing site in Indonesia. This significant milestone underscores our commitment to providing reliable after-sales service to our valued clients.
Since Indonesia customer has their manufacturing plant for producing steel drums and their workers have experience before about the machine. So our dedicated team of engineers had online training for our customers to ensure that the installation and commissioning processes were executed seamlessly. And when the welding machine was finished production, we also made video calling to show the machine running and maintainess trianning for our customers. Their expertise and attention to detail have enabled us to deliver a fully operational system that meets customer’s specific requirements and standards.
Here is the machine running video for your reference,
this is design based on client with 500pcs/8h capacity:
we also have high speed 10- 12 pcs/min welding line, here is the video for your refernce:
longterm-Welding Machine in Indonesia

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