210L Big Bottle/Drum/Metal Pail Oil Filling Bottling Packing Machine

Model NO: HLT
Warranty: 1 Year
Lead Time: 45 days after receiving deposit
Trademark: HLT
Transport Package: Standard Seaworthy Package
Specification: ISO9001
Origin: Jiangsu, China
HS Code: 8422303090


HLT-200 AUTO automatic liquid filling machine adopts the subsurface filling method in the barrel, which is suitable for 200L single drum filling; the uniquely designed adjustable pneumatic ball valve and spray valve not only increase the filling speed, but also ensure Filling accuracy; and it can minimize the dripping of residual liquid when the filling is completed; the gas hood can prevent the volatile gas from leaking during the filling process, and effectively protect the operator.
During operation, the empty barrel is placed on the empty barrel conveyor line, and it stops automatically when it is in place. The automatic matching device automatically aligns the empty barrel mouth directly under the nozzle of the spray valve; the spray valve automatically drops into the barrel mouth, the empty barrel is automatically peeled, and then doubled accurately. Fast filling; after filling, the spray valve is automatically raised to the outside of the barrel and enters the full barrel conveyor line. When it reaches the capping position, the conveyor stops, the cap is manually placed, and the capping machine is pulled down for capping to complete the filling.

Longterm filling machine

Main Feature

Filling method: filling below and above the liquid surface in the barrel (optional);
Pipeline structure: flow components are 316, 304 stainless steel, Teflon gaskets and sealing rings;
Flow control: Two-speed control, through the combination control to control the product flow, once the power is off, all valves are closed;
Anti-drip contact box: made of stainless steel;
It can also be used in situations where the difficulty of equipment is increased due to toxic gases or bubbles. Use environment: explosion-proof area (optional).

Longterm filling machine

Technical Parameters

Filling capacity: 300kg/barrel;
Filling accuracy: 0.2%;
Rated speed: 30-120 barrels (200L)/hr (related to the material viscosity and speed);
Weighing device: maximum weighing 300kg, division valued: 50g;
Temperature range: -10 ºC~+45 ºC.
Relative humidity: <95 (no condensation).
Power source: 220V, 50HZ, 1.0kw.
Working air source: air pressure 0.5MPa±0.1MPa,
Air consumption: 10m3/h.
Material interface: DN50 PN1.6MPa (HG20592-97), can provide interface standards according to users.
Material inlet pressure: (0.2~0.6) MPa (related to material properties).
Air source interface: The user provides a G1/2 internal thread for quick connector connection.
Scope of application
-Water-based paint, oil-based paint, lubricant, phenol, acetone, edible oil, thinner or various explosive chemical


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Longterm filling machine

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