Steel Barrel Spare Parts Steel Oil Cap Flange Steel Drum Closure/Bung



Types of Steel Bung Plug with Gasket
1. Flange &drum closure bung material: PE.
2. Flange: nitrile rubberdrum closure bung: PE. (Most popular)
3. (Flange &drum closure bung material: nitrile rubber.
1. Enough Quantity: you will receive 20 pieces of 55 gallon steel drum bung plug in 2 different sizes, namely 10 pieces of 2 inches plugs and 10 pieces of 3/4 inch plugs, and 1 piece of wrench, enough quantity and good combinations to meet your needs and replacements, and you can also share some with your friends or family members.
2. Reliable Material: these bung caps for 55 gallon drum are made of quality steel with chrome plated, reliable and reusable, sturdy and solid, not easy to break or rust, and the wrench is made of cast aluminum, which can serve you for a long time, and you can use them with confidence
3. Good Seal: the thread and gasket on the steel bung cap lock the barrel outlet tightly, so that the barrel will not leak during storage or transportation, tough and practical, not easy to deform.
4. Easy to Use: the metal drum bung plug is easy and convenient for you to use, the plugs can be easily tightened to or removed from the drum holes by wrench, saving you time and energy
5. Wide Range of Applications: these 55 gallon drum bung caps are practical and useful, which can be widely applied for 55 gallon drums, barrel, gas tank, fuel tank and so on, to avoid liquid leakage and prevent dirt and other items from entering during storage.
Quality Flange with different type sealing for your choice like butyl cyanide, EPDM and PE.
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