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High Speed Steel Barrel Seam Welding Machine

Manually place the cut plate on the rolling conveyor (it can also be connected with the uncoiling leveling machine), and ...
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What is the working method of seam welding machine?

The seam welding machine is mainly assembled with weldments to form a lap joint or a butt joint, and placed ...
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Longterm Group Construction on October 24, 2022

The weather is sunny today. Our company organized an autumn tour for all employees. The activities include two-person, three-legged, tug-of-war ...
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Application of AC Technology in Resistance Welding Equipment

The application of AC technology in resistance welding equipment is equipped with a unique step-down transformer, and the welding wire ...
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Online guidance service for after-sales debugging of oil drum line in Bangladesh

This is our Bangladesh customer’s steel drum new plant. All the production line machineries were put in correct position as ...
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10 pcs/min Fully Automatic Steel Drum Welding Machine

Working efficiency: 480-600pcs per hour. (Max 10 pcs/min) At first, let us share you video of new updated machine.    Machine ...
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Advantage of Bitumen Drum Filling Lines

Features of this machine: The filling quantity adjusting system is controlled by frequency conversion motor, industrial computer PLC color touch screen ...
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HLT resistance welding machine

Newly Made Resistance Seam Welding Machine for Bangladeshi Customers

Here is the resistance seam welding machine for steel drum body that we made for our Bangladeshi customer. Our engineers ...
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HLT filling machine

Filling Machine Sent to Bangladesh

Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co., Ltd is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and the best service. In December ...
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