10 pcs/min Fully Automatic Steel Drum Welding Machine


Working efficiency: 480-600pcs per hour. (Max 10 pcs/min)

At first, let us share you video of new updated machine. https://youtu.be/Pd-ZmqsQcSU   

Machine running condition video: https://youtu.be/_T9XNo2l2FQ 

This is the best and with most advanced technologies automatic sheet rolling & longitudinal seam welding machine.

Here shaing a few points of advantage of new machine listed as below:

Roll parts

The roll part is composed of three pressing rollers, a fixing device and an adjusting mechanism. The blank quickly enters between the pressure rollers through the feeding mechanism, and is formed into a cylindrical shape by rolling deformation between the three rollers. The deformation diameter of the drum can be changed by adjusting the distance between the left roller and the fixed roller and the pressure roller.

The cylindrical workpiece is pushed to the welding station for a short time by the pawl of the conveying part, and waits. After the welding of the workpiece at the welding station, the electrical automatic control part sends a signal, and the pushing part can push the workpiece from the to-be-welded station to the welding station again, and then cycle.

Overlap control part:

‘Z’ Chute and shaping block are important basic components to determine the edge overlap and ensure stable welding. The edge overlap of this seam welding machine is 3mm. Adjust the thickness of the clips to adjust the edge overlap. It is centered by three waist drum wheels to control and ensure a stable and consistent amount of overlap.

Pneumatic system, cooling system and lubrication system

Compressed air is used as the power source for the movementof the weam welding machine, such as the movement of the electrode wheel, the axial movement of the electrode wheel, the generation of electrode pressure, and the unloading of the material. The seam welding machine is equipped with the corresponding cooling system and lubrication system. The lubrication system is divided into a conductive grease lubrication part, and the two parts are automatically supplied with grease by their respecitve dry oil pumps.

Electronic control:

It adopts Mitsubishi PLC programming controller and man-machine interface. The entire operating system is controlled by the latest technology touch control, full local language display, direct display of the cause of failure, convenient and fast maintenance, no special training is required. The operating system is divided into three major operation modes: automatic cycle operation; step operation; segment operation.

Air control:

  Much of the seam welding machines technilogical actionuses compressed air as the power source. After passing through various valves, the relevant parts are driven by the cylinder to achieve actions and functions. This equipment increases the pressure of the workpiece feed roller less than the pressure of normal seam welding.


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