Advantage of Bitumen Drum Filling Lines


Features of this machine: The filling quantity adjusting system is controlled by frequency conversion motor, industrial computer PLC color touch screen. The automatic adjustment of filling quantity is realized by using liquid flow rate, which greatly improves the convenience, quickness and accuracy of operation. At the same time, each filling cylinder block is equipped with metering and fine-tuning device to ensure the accuracy of each bottle. Container positioning system using cylinders to complete, customers can adjust according to different specifications and shapes of containers, accurate positioning, to ensure the correct filling. The anti-droplet system is controlled by cylinder to prevent the leakage.

Working principle: this machine adopts electronic control cylinder as filling power. After filling container to the left end of conveying line is transported to the designated position under the action force of conveying chain plate, the positioning cylinder is positioned, the lifting cylinder is down, the filling nozzle is infiltrated and filled.

In 2021, Our company signed 4 sets of Bitumen Drum Filling Lines for Bashundhara Oil & Gas Company Ltd in Bangladesh. They are NO.1 group company in BD. they have existing filling line machinaries running in their plant. They expanded the land and placed order with us for bitumen filling line.

Before machineries dispatch, our engineer team make trial commissioning for 4 filling lines to ensure machines are running well in our factory side.

Welcome to check below testing video about bitumen filling line.

Here sharing finsihed filling line machines pictures.

Below are some filling line machineries loading pictures.

If you need any request for quote, please do not hesitant to let me know. We will give you most competitive price for high quality bitumen filling line machines. We do believe that our machine will help you in the near future.


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