Welding Machine Inspection and Training for Indonesia Steel Drum Manufactuer Client


Good news, the welding machine for our Indonesia steel drum manufacture company client had made finished, we made the video calling with client to show them the machine running condition and welding results,

at the same time, they told the machine is simple and they dont need our after sales service at site, so we also have the online machine running and maintainess trianning for them.

Here is the machine running video for your reference,

this is design based on client with 500pcs/8h capacity:https://youtu.be/1J_zwc1uwaI

we also have high speed 10pcs/min welding line, here is the video for your refernce: https://youtu.be/06I3FyB5YrI

Here is the pictures during the video calling and machine test, we share some picture with you.

Welding Machine Inspection and Training

here is the visiting we went to their workshop Indonesia on May. 2023 and they make order July, the machine is ready to ship now.

Welding Machine Inspection and Training

pls check it, if you have any needs on the steel drum machines or spare parts,pls juts be free to conatct us.



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