Customer Visiting for Checking Automatic Steel Drum Production Line



We are leading supplier of complete turkney solution for 55 gallon (US) & 44 gallon (UK) steel drum production line manufacturing equipments. We are improving technologies all the time and developing drum machinery market. We provide customers with valued solutions including automatic pre-curling &gluing machine,automatic hole punching &locking machine, flangers & curlers machine,W-Beader& corrugator machine, automatic sheet rolling, resistance longitudinal seam welding,assembly &seaming machine,drum spray painting booth,drying oven,silk printing machine etc..

Due to professional engineer team, highly automatic, simple operation and reliable quality equipment, Our machineries have been exported to many countries, such as Qatar, Australia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Ukraine, Mexico, etc..

our customers from Argentina came to witness the machine running.They are eager to build a production line of steel drums. We have discussed about the technical items, prices, etc for a few months and they are very interested in our machines. They like our machines very much and are more confident with the cooperation between us. After a long meeting, they decided to make the final contract with us.

 customer visiting

Barrel Assembly &Seamer

drum assembly&seaming

Punching Machine for drum coversdrum cover punching


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